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3 Best Hairstyles for Men with Outfit Examples 2019

Best Hairstyles for Men

Your hairstyle can tell a lot about the kind of person that you are are you more edgy or conservative or you super professional and meticulous and everything that you do it really does make a difference so today I want to give you guys three men's hairstyles that really tell people what kind of person you are not only that but I'm gonna give you guys examples of outfits that you should wear to match each of those hairstyles are you ready let's do it 

Three Easy Hairstyles for Men 2019


Best Hairstyles for Men

For the first one we're going messy, this is a messy modern quick to achieve this look you're gonna need these tools: a towel, a blow-dryer, a round brush and the finishing product first things first you want to make sure your hair is clean and still wet towel drive to get some of that water out
I try to towel dry as much as possible because I don't want to sit there blow
dry for 20 minutes alright and once your hair is damp then just grab your round
brush and the blow-dryer we're gonna start by straightening out the hair
getting rid of any stubborn kinks upfront by the fringe remember that this
is a messy style so there is no need to be perfect here I do that by pulling
upwards and back just remember that your hair can break pretty easily so don't
tug and pull too hard there is no need for that and always will dry in the
the direction that you want your hair to end up in unless you're trying to get more
volume if that's what you want then I recommend blow-drying in the opposite
direction for a few seconds then bring it back to the final direction and if you have hair popping up on the sides just blow-dry it down to keep it there it really helps a lot so give it a try it's time to add
some styling product also what we're gonna do now adds what I call character all right add some cool waves some kinks on your own doing it by hand allows you to shape it however you want I usually just fold my hair in half a little bit here at the fringe I also do these little twists to add some texture remember we're going for a messy cool look here so these imperfections actually make the hairstyle so much better and voila this is the final hairstyle to match it I actually went with this denim jacket I got some jeans and then these coming are saw and converse sneakers it is the perfect la winter look if you're going out with friends and yes I said la winter weather you're going to watch a movie or maybe you're going to a rooftop party this is a really cool look.


Best Hairstyles for Men

The next hairstyle we're doing is the complete opposite of the first one we want it to be perfectly professional and clean and to achieve this look you're basically going to need the same tools
but a vented brush instead of the round as well as a different styling product
in the end, as with the first style we want to start to clean dry with a towel and
then blow-dry this time though when you're blow-drying just blow-dry it's
straight back into your favorite side to get rid of all of the waves we want it
to be as straight as possible for this look I also like to add a little bit of
volume here so I'll go up at the fringe just like a little bit in a couple of
times the pomade promotes spice has moderate hold and a low shine finish and
it allows you to rework your hair again and again if needed apply it and then
just brush your hair back with a vented brush or with your fingers to get that
perfect clean look and bam you are ready to take on the day this is the perfect
hairstyle if you work in an office or if you're going on an interview or if
you're just trying to look really dapper during cocktail hour 


Best Hairstyles for Men

For this last, the hairstyle we're gonna need the blow-dryer the vent a brush this one is very similar to the first messy hairstyle we did but without the messy part once you start blow-drying and getting rid of all of the waves you want to make sure you get rid of all of them while adding some
volume brush your hair straight back and upwards to get the volume and then
straighten your hair you can either add some styling product or if your hair is still a little bit wavy what I recommend is just grab the straightener and get rid of some of those waves upfront by the fringe to make it looks like you have really straight hair and then it's time to add the styling product and this time we don't want to mess with our hair all right we just want to use our fingers to apply the
product straight back and look at what we have so much volume it's not messy
and you look like a million bucks I go for a leather jacket with this hairstyle
it really shows that you care about the way that you look but also you're a
badass and ready for a long night out wherever it takes you now that you know

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