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10 Tech Websites Every Geek Should Know! 2019

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Best Tech websites 2019
Best Tech websites 2019

Best Tech Websites 2019 :

10. Ars Technica 

Best Tech websites 2019

This website's been around since 1998 and it's still one of the top sights a visit for reliable tech news in addition to covering the news for the average the consumer you'll find insightful articles editorials and analysis of technology enthusiasts and IT professionals covering a wide range of topics including security and privacy and business news regarding technology companies if you want to interact with
other readers the ARS technical forums are a great place to discuss hardware and software operating systems and its a slew of other topics

9. UserBenchmark

Best Tech websites 2019

If you're looking to upgrade or build your own PC user benchmark it's a great site to visit that will help you decide on which hardware might work best for you for your current situation they compute and analyze user-submitted benchmarks in several categories including GPU and CPU memory and you can even check the results for solid-state and hard disk drives for example if you select GPU you can sort by user rating, value, average benchmark, market share along with the age and price of that
component if you want to analyze the hardware on your computer and compare the results with others, you can download their speed test tool for free directly from their site

8. PCPartPicker

Best Tech websites 2019

When building your own computer PC part picker is a valuable resource it provides guidance regarding the compatibility of parts and up-to-date pricing from dozens of online retailers to begin here at the top select system a builder you'll want to begin by selecting a CPU on the Left make sure
that compatibility filter has a checkmark next to it now when you go to select other components it will now only show you the parts compatible with the ones you selected on PC part picker build guides are also offered if you're looking for some inspiration for additional ideas you can also check out their forums which is also a great place to get feedback from others regarding your parts

Tech Review Sites :

7. How-To Geek

Best Tech websites 2019

This will be a quick one, how-to geek is a fantastic resource with comprehensive articles and tutorials that don't require a computer science degree to understand while they do offer guides on various topics their tutorials for Linux have been extremely useful for me personally over the past few years

6. iFixit

Best Tech websites 2019

In short, they sell replacement parts and high-quality tools to repair or upgrade your phone computer
or any other popular gadget they're awesome step-by-step repair guides are created by community members or I fix it with several categories to choose from if you're a do-it-yourself type of person you'll find many of the repairs or upgrades are quite simple which could end up saving you money

5. Planet Source Code

Best Tech websites 2019

If you're a programmer planet source code is a favorite for many developers to find free samples of code online navigating the site is easy to choose your language from here to move your cursor over code forward-slash articles and your choices our newest browse categories and search for fun if you scroll down you can also, filter the code type and difficulty level when you're done click on OK in
this category you have 42 results to choose from that might be able to help you out with your project

Computer Technology Websites :

4. GitHub

Best Tech websites 2019

Speaking of coding here's one that most of you are probably familiar with but I'll mention it briefly GitHub is one of the world's largest hosting sites for developers help manage projects and
store their code when working in teams it also helps in keeping your projects more organized when starting out after you have signed up we highly recommend reading the guide to learn more about
the version control system is known as git and it will also teach you how to use GitHub for most people the free plan will be all that they need there are other plans starting at $7 per month offer additional features with more tools intended for project management

3. Tom's Hardware 

Best Tech websites 2019

Tom’s Hardware is another site that's been around for more than a couple decades they provide news reviews and price comparisons of computer hardware their comprehensive buyer's guides are very useful when building or upgrading a PC with tips and advice to help ensure that you're getting the best hardware for your computer, they also have one of the best forums with an active community of more than two and a half million members where you can discuss the latest in computer hardware networking and software

2. Instructables

Best Tech websites 2019

If you're looking for do-it-yourself projects Instructables includes more than 100,000 tutorials
with step-by-step instructions in various categories including technology but so many projects to choose from you're bound to find one that suits your interests on this side there's even this bizarre project for pet owners where you can create your very own Twitter controlled pet feeder throughout the year there are tons of contests where users can share their creations and win prizes and if you want to learn a new skill classes are also offered on the a site with lessons available in several categories

1. HackerOne

Best Tech websites 2019

If you're a hacker and would like to keep yourself out of jail hacker one is a website you should check out the Alfred bug bounty platform that connects the world's top companies with penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers help make the internet a safer place hacker one even offers a
free class for web security called hacker 101 that will teach you the skills to become an effective bug bounty hunter as of right now there are six ethical hackers earning seven figures reporting bugs two Hacker one so if you want to put your skills to the test reporting bugs as part of a bug bounty the program can be very lucrative