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Top 10 Best Shows and Movies on Netflix 2019

It's been a busy year for Netflix so far our 2019 they've released a ton of new TV shows and movies each and every week with so many new Netflix originals to choose from it can be difficult deciding what to watch to help you out we've shared with you ten of our favorites we've seen so far this year that we think are the finest that Netflix has to offer .these won't be in any particular order but we'll save the best for last to show you our cute favorite TV shows or movies we enjoyed the most near the end of this article.

Best Shows on Netflix 2019
Best Shows on Netflix 2019

We'll start out with the TV shows first with our favorite movies coming up later but first is the drama miniseries

Best Netflix Series 2019 :

10. Unbelievable

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

Starring Toni Collette Merritt Wever and Katelyn Deaver based on a true story it's about a series of crimes in Colorado and Washington State the story follows a teenage girl who is
charged with lying about a crime and the two detectives that join up in search of
the truth only to discover a series of disturbing crimes of a similar nature for some of you
due to the subject matter unbelievable will be difficult to watch but if you stick with it throughout all eight episodes you'll be rewarded with a compelling drama with a fair amount of plot twists that will keep you glued to your screen

9.Wu Assassins

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

Wu Assassins is an American supernatural martial art crime drama based in present-day San Francisco it follows the story of a young Chinatown chef as he becomes the Wu assassin after an encounter with a mystical spirit to save the world he uses his martial arts skills to recover supernatural powers of an ancient triad while it's not a perfect show the fight scenes are well choreographed and there's enough excitement to keep you entertained for those of you here in the states or other English-speaking countries you'll be glad to hear that the primary language used in the series is English Netflix has not yet confirmed if who assassins will be coming back for a second season


Best Shows on Netflix 2019

Afterlife is a British dark comedy-drama created by and starring Ricky Gervais he also serves as an executive producer and directs each episode it follows his character Tony whose life is turned upside down following the unexpected death of his wife after which he considers the possibility of ending his own life but instead decides to live out the rest of his life saying and doing whatever the hell he likes throughout the six-episode first season you'll be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions from absurdly funny to heartbreakingly sad Netflix has renewed afterlife for a second season two premiere sometime in 2020

7.The Dark Crystal age of resistance 

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

This big-budget American fantasy adventure is a prequel to the original 1982 Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal age of resistance follows three gelflings as they discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis power that threatens their world don't go into watching this thinking it's a kid show it's not even though it's a visual masterpiece this show is very dark with disturbing scenes that might
give small children nightmares otherwise for fans of the fantasy genre age of resistance is a must watch there's been no word yet from Netflix if there will be another season

 6.The Spy

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

The Spy is an English language French espionage thriller the six Episode miniseries based on real-life events is the story of an Israeli spy played by Sacha Baron Cohen yes it's the same guy that's best known for his fictional satirical characters like Borat and Ali G this time he's actually playing a serious role Cohen's performance is convincing as the film follows his characters past in Egypt to his infiltration of Syria in the 1960s my dismay because I'm not a fan of Cohen's previous works it pains me to say this he spies a riveting thriller that is well worth watching

Next up is The American drama

Drama Best Netflix Series 2019:

5.When They See Us

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

When they see us is I mentioned this one briefly. this miniseries is about by teams from Harlem that were wrongly convicted of an attack that took place in Central Park when they see us was nominated for 11 Primetime Emmy Awards the only winner was drilled Rome who took home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a limited series or a movie

Now for something completely different

4.Sex Education

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

It is a British comedy-drama with a stellar cast in the UK including asa Butterfield who plays an awkward teenager named Otis Milburn along with the enchanting American actress Gillian Anderson as dr. Jean Milburn a well known sex therapist and the mother of Otis the series primarily follows Otis as he sets up a sex therapy clinic with a fellow high school classmate help educate fellow students on how to deal with their sexual problems as you would expect from a British comedy the dialogue is witty occasionally silly and raunchy with heartwarming moments mixed in it's not just for teens many adults will find the show to be humorous as well sex education has been officially renewed for a second season it's expected to premiere on Netflix in early 2020

The only foreign language entry in this list is


Best Shows on Netflix 2019

If this historical South Korean horror-thriller is set during the time period of the Japanese invasions of Korea in the late 1500s while the original language is Korean I can tell you that the English dub is competent and not too distracting story follows a crown prince and a quest to save his people from a mysterious plague that causes the infected to become immune to death and hungry for flesh Kingdom has been renewed for a second season to be released in 2020

Best Netflix Movies 2019:

Before we get to our top two picks here are five honorable mentions that may be worth your time to watch

Dead to Me 

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

Dead to me is an American dark comedy about the powerful friendship between a grieving widow and a free spirit with a shocking secret it's been renewed for a second season

 The Umbrella Academy

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

The Umbrella Academy is an American science fiction fantasy drama about a dysfunctional family of superheroes who reunite to solve the mystery of their father's death Netflix has picked up the series for a second season

 Russian Dolls 

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

It is an American comedy-drama that follows a woman living in New York City who keeps dying and reliving the same night repeatedly it's also been renewed by Netflix for a second season

I Am Mother

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

I am mother is an Australian science-fiction thriller about a teenage girl being raised by a robot programmed to repopulate the earth after the extinction of humankind

The Highwaymen 

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

Starring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson is an American crime drama film about two former Texas Rangers assigned with the task of tracking down notorious criminals Bonnie and Clyde

New Netflix Series 2019:

Now for our two favorites first of which is the


Best Shows on Netflix 2019

This American epic crime film is produced and directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese it features an amazing cast including Robert DeNiro Al Pacino and Joe Pesci the story follows Frank Sheeran a hitman for the mob as he reflects on his past including is involvement in the disappearance of his longtime friend Jimmy Hoffa in 1975 everything about this film is fantastic and just might be
Scorsese's best work in decades at an advanced screening I couldn't find a single person who didn't love this film which is a rarity these days the Irishman premieres on Netflix on November 27th, 2019 if you're watching this video before that date you can add it to your watch list on Netflix right now

Our other favorite will come as no shock

1.El Camino

Best Shows on Netflix 2019

El Camino is an American crime film serves as an epilogue to one of the greatest TV shows of all time Breaking Bad its creator Vince Gilligan produced wrote and directed the film with Aaron Paul reprising his role as Jesse Pinkman to avoid any spoilers I'll just give you a brief synopsis the story follows the events of the series finale when Jesse had escaped the Brotherhood compound and Todd Alquist El Camino while it was great seeing a bunch of familiar characters this film is really a showcase for Paul whose performance was outstanding if you want more from the Breaking Bad universe the fifth season of better call Saul is expected in 2020

Thanks for reading, if this article helped you to find something new to watch check out our other articles on our website I'm sure you'll love them.

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