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Best 6+ At-Home Exercises For Bigger Arms (with Images) - And the Science Behind it

For some people, arms are the most important body part to train. That's why you see most people at the gym doing curls and cable push-downs. Those exercises are a great way to develop big arm muscles. However, some people don't have the time or money to invest in a gym membership. Well, we got good news. You can work your arms at home almost as effectively as you can in a gym. That's why today, in the second episode of Build It With Science, we will talk about some ways and exercises to build big arms at home.

exercises for arms
Exercises for Arms

 we will talk about the arm muscles, their anatomy, and how they work. We will also mention six exercises for big arms, three exercises for the biceps, and three exercises for the triceps.

Arm Exercises Without Weights :

1. The Arm Anatomy

exercises for arms

The arm is the part of the upper limb between the shoulder joint, and the elbow joint to produce the various movements of the forearm. There are five-arm muscles that play a role in this movement which are biceps brachii, brachialis, coracobrachialis, triceps brachii, and anconeus. The first three are responsible for the forearm flexion, the other three are involved in forearm extension. The anterior compartment contains the biceps and the brachialis. The posterior compartment contains the triceps. the Arm refers to the portion between the shoulder and elbow joints. It is the scaffold of the arm and its main functions include forearm movement, motion transmission, and passage of neurovascular structures along the upper limb.

2. Tricep Exercises

exercises for arms

a) To perform this one you need two solid chairs. Place your right hand on the right edge of the chair, and the left one on the left edge of the chair. Place your heels on the other chair. The chairs must be facing each other 1 meter apart. Now, go down slowly and push explosively. Be careful though, don't go too low and hurt yourself.

exercises for arms

Arm Workouts at Home :

b) Put two chairs each one on one side of your body, and use them as dip bars. You want to bend your knees and start going up and down slowly. Just make sure to keep your body slightly upright to target the triceps more than the pecs.

exercises for arms

c) Keep your elbows tight to the point where they're stuck to your sides. To perform them you have to go down slowly and push your body up explosively. This variation of push-ups can be extremely hard if you're a beginner since you're pushing your whole weight up using only the triceps.

3. Bicep Exercises

exercises for arms

Arm Exercises for Men :

a ) Chin-ups, To perform them you need nothing but your body and a pull-up bar installed at home. You should have your palms facing your body shoulder-width apart. make sure to use the full range of motion and pull yourself up fast.

exercises for arms

b ) Chin-ups variation, To perform them you need three chairs and a strong broom-stick. Use the chairs as support for the broom-stick. Your palms should be facing your body shoulder-width apart just like a regular chin-up. Place your heels on the third chair, and now just simply perform a chin-up.

exercises for arms

c ) It's more creative and needs a good mind-muscle connection, and the best part about it is it works both your triceps and your biceps. You need only a towel for this one. Grab the towel with your right hand, and let its edges hang from the sides. Grab the edges with your left hand, and now you want to pull the towel using your left triceps to create resistance, and at the same time, you want to pull using the right biceps. This way, you're working both your triceps and biceps.

Conclusion :

The Arm is the part of the Limb between the shoulder joint and the elbow. The triceps are bigger than the biceps, giving the triceps more attention may result in developing bigger arms. You can work your arms at home, you just have to be a little creative, the exercises we mentioned are more than great to develop a strong foundation for your arm muscles.