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10 Chrome Extensions That Are Amazingly Useful! 2019

If you use the google chrome browser or any other chromium-based browser like Vivaldi, opera or the new Microsoft edge I'll show you ten chrome extensions never seen before in the series that will enhance your overall browsing experience along with my absolute favorite near the end of this article for advanced users and we're started right now

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10. Print Friendly and PDF

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First is Print Friendly and PDF this useful extension saves you on paper and ink by removing ads and other web junk that you don't need whenever you print a webpage here's how it works when you're
on a page that you want to print select the print-friendly and pdf icon in the upper right you'll notice the ads navigation and most of the junk on that page has been removed. You can also remove any images simply by clicking on them you can also remove any text by clicking on the garbage can icon on any highlighted text that you don't need at the top you have the options to print save as a pdf email reduce or increase the text size and the size of the images on that page.

Check the Extension: t.ly/ljnB6

9. Tab size

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It works great to personalize your chrome setup it lets you arrange tab side-by-side to easily create split-screen layouts, with multiple tabs open it will resize the tab that you're currently on and those to the right choose the tab to resize icon and choose the layout that you want if you want to create a custom layout not listed click on the tab resize icon again and select the plus icon then enter in the number of rows and columns click on save when you're done you'll now see your custom layout
listed just click on it and switch to that layout

Check the Extension: bit.ly/2qxz81t

8. IMDB Ratings for Netflix

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If you've ever wasted time on a terrible movie or tv show on Netflix the IMDB Ratings for Netflix
extension just maybe what you need with the Netflix website open hover your cursor over the thumbnail for a tv show or movie you'll see the score in the upper right corner if you click on the rating it will open the IMDB page for that program where you can gather additional information if
needed after doing the research on your pc add them to your watch list be viewed later on your
big-screen tv life's too short to be watching these on your computer or phone

Check the Extension: bit.ly/34GwdCj

7. Hunter

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Hunter lets you find email addresses quickly from just about any company on the web this can be useful if you work in sales or marketing or in any other profession where you require a contacts
the email address it's simple to use just go to a company's website select the hunter icon in the upper right now you'll see the names of the contacts along with their job titles and associated emails listed you can save the lead by clicking on the plus icon but limited use hunter is free for up to 50 requests otherwise they have plans starting at $49 per month

Check the Extension: bit.ly/2NPEKfm

6. Download Manager

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Download Manager won't increase the speed of your downloads but works great to quickly and easily interact with the downloads on your system instead of forcing a new tab to open you can access a history of your downloads in the upper right corner by selecting the downloads manager icon it
also allows you to see the status of an active download if you right-click on any item in this list it will give you additional options including deleting that download from your disk or removing from this list

Check the Extension: bit.ly/2PYoonc

5. The Good Place

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this extension is for the fans at the NBC hit show the good plays I'll admit this one is more for fun but
does have some useful features for example it has an obscenity filter which replaces bad words with other words that are less offensive this might come in handy if you have children that share your computer over on youtube it changes the thumbs-up thumbs-down with good place bad place and this extension replaces the new tab page with the characters photos and quotes from the show selecting the good place icon you see the various settings that you can turn on or off

Check the Extension: bit.ly/2X4L2vW

Chrome Themes :

4. Dark Reader

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some of you might remember Dark Reader. It basically gives a dark mode to almost any website it's a very cool extension

Check the Extension: bit.ly/32uwzu8

3. Dark Night Mode

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for those of you that ran into issues with dark reader the free and open-source dark knight mode extension is another one to consider unlike some of the other similar extensions it does not simply invert the colors so black on websites will not automatically change to white or vice versa selecting the dark knight mode icon gives you various settings you can turn it on or off switching it to auto will only turn on dark night mode from 8:00 p.m. Until 6:00 a.m. You can adjust the brightness and you can also whitelist specific sites if the dark mode is not needed there's even a handy donate button if you want to contribute to the developer

Check the Extension: bit.ly/2Nw47DZ

2. I Don't Care About Cookies

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This will be a quick one I don't care about cookies will remove those annoying cookie warnings
which are required as part of the overreaching European union data regulations just by installing this
extension it removes the cookie pop-ups that's it nothing more to see here

Check the Extension: bit.ly/33v2ZpD

1. Custom Cursor

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Custom Cursor for chrome is a fun little extension that allows you to customize the cursor that you use while browsing in chrome it's quite popular but will only be useful for those of you that have been asking me for a way to change your cursor in the upper right-click the custom cursor icon they have many available for you to choose from to change back go back to the icon and select default cursor here at the bottom of this window you have the option to upload your own creation and clicking on more cursors will take you to the custom cursor site where they have a massive collection for you to choose from

Check the Extension: bit.ly/2CuyN2i

Bonus ;

No Script

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No Script is truly one of the best security and privacy extensions that you can get it preemptively blocks malicious scripts and allows javascript java and other potentially dangerous content only from
the sites that you trust it's been a must-have extension on firefox for years and has finally made its way to chrome I'd only recommend no script for advanced users because it does take some time to get it just right but it's well worth the effort let's go over the basics in the right-hand corner it will show
you the number of blocked items on the no script icon clicking on the icon it is blocking three domains by default which has prevented a lot of content from loading including advertisements and
you'll notice some of the images have not loaded as well you have four choices for each domain listed temporarily trusted will only allow those domains for the current browser session selecting trusted will remember your preference and make it permanent untrusted will always block that domain
and the fourth option will allow you to customize your settings for an individual domain only use it once you have become more familiar with no script depending on the website it's best to only trust one or two domains at a time before making any other changes for this one you'll now see that
additional images and content here at the top has now been added making the page looks better some of these are not needed and most likely won't be required on most other sites although the default level is untrusted to make sure they don't slip through on other websites going to set them to untrusted on the right that about does it for the basics of No Script.

Check the Extension: bit.ly/32xc2Fs

Hopefully, this article gave you a better understanding of how to use it. If you like this article then definitely you will love our other ones too check them out.