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Top 10 Most Useful Websites You Need To Know! 2019

With more than a billion websites to choose from only a small fraction of them are truly useful
we've shown you many sites some of which were more helpful than others to determine the best of all those websites we've narrowed down the list and will now show you more than ten of our absolute favorite websites we think are the most useful let's get started!!!

Most Useful Websites 2019

Most Useful websites 2019 :

10. 10MinuteMail

Most Useful Websites 2019

First up in no particular order his 10MinuteMail the site is great when you don't want to use your real email address it gives you a throwaway temporary email address that will expire in ten minutes this is especially useful on sites that require email address validation or any other purpose for example if a website requires an email address to download their software enter the one copied from ten-minute mail and paste it here the emails will now show up if you're on the ten minute mail side until they expire

9. AlternativeTo

Most Useful Websites 2019

It is a fantastic service which helps you to find alternatives for desktop computer software web-based software and mobile apps we will use Adobe Premiere Pro in this example enter the name of the program here at the top select it from the drop-down list you will now see a description of that program below that are the top alternatives to Premiere Pro it'll give you a brief description reviews the type of software that program is in this case kdenlive is free and open-source it will also show you
the operating systems that program supports

Useful Websites for Students :

8. Khan Academy

Most Useful Websites 2019

Up next is Khan Academy it was founded way back in 2006 and is perhaps one of the best educational websites on Khan Academy students learn at their own pace in several categories including math computing science and engineering and many others in addition to the various courses listed they even offer test prep for college entrance exams including the SAT

7. Fakespot

Most Useful Websites 2019

Fakespot is for those of you that are suspicious of online reviews and with all the fake reviews
online who wouldn't be it filters product reviews from various websites including Amazon Best Buy
Walmart and many others it analyzes suspicious patterns and incentivized reviews to find out what real users are saying about the products that you want to buy here's how it works to copy the URL from the abbyr bar of the product you might want to buy back on the fake spot website paste the URL into the search box and select analyze reviews based on the authenticity of the existing reviews that will give the product a review grade of A to F the review grade for in the overview section you can get additional details according to their analysis the review pattern may involve deception and the
content quality of the reviews is low this information on fake spot might be useful for you if you're on the fence about buying a product

6. VirusTotal

Most Useful Websites 2019

Virustotal is a free service using more than 16 security scanners to detect viruses malware and other types of malicious content even if you use anti-malware or antivirus software on your computer virus total should be used as an extra layer of security to inspect suspicious files and websites since it has a whole new look you still have the option to scan a file URL and the search tab also lets you scan a URL IP address domain or file hash to check a file on your computer select choose file now just find the file that you want to check and click on open if at the top if it says that no engines detected this file that is the positive result you want back on the virus total homepage to scan a URL just paste it
in the search box

5. Have I Been Pwned?

Most Useful Websites 2019

With the large number of data breaches over the last few years Have I been pwned? is a website you should visit frequently to find out if any of your accounts have been compromised in the search box enter your email address website designed to share information anonymously if you scroll down the page you'll find the sites that were breached where your account may be compromised if your  account was compromised change your login password or your email account and for each company listed where your account may have been breached

4. SoloLearn

Most Useful Websites 2019

Sololearn is our top recommendation for beginners that want to learn the absolute basics of programming in addition to their website you can also learn on the go with their Android and iOS apps unlike similar websites like Coke atom a solo learn is completely free with tutorials for Python
JavaScript Ruby HTML CSS and many others once you select a course just follow the instructions and work at your own pace

Useful Websites for Office Work :

3. iFixit

Most Useful Websites 2019

If you're like me and you prefer to do repairs yourself iFixit is website that you should have bookmarked in addition to selling tools and parts they also have free repair guides for many of today's popular electronic devices along with those long-forgotten there are more than a dozen categories to choose from including PC camera Mac Phone and many others after you have found your repair guide it will show you the difficulty level how many steps are involved the time required along with the tools needed to complete the job below that you just need to complete the easy-to-follow step-by-step directions in order

2. IsItDownRightNow?

Most Useful Websites 2019

This will be a quick one is it down right now? as the name suggests lets you check to find out if a website is down or not it's simple to use a computer science degree is not required to use the site just enter the name of a website and select it it will now show you the response time in milliseconds the lower the better the last time that site was down and it will also let you know whether that site is
currently up or down along with other information listed below

1. Ninite

Most Useful Websites 2019

When setting up a new Windows PC Ninite is an awesome package manager that lets you install
multiple programs all at once without any extra junk like toolbars here is how it works to select the programs listed that you would like to install that they have available when you're done making
your selections click on get your nin ID  just find the location you saved it to and run it to install the program's you selected to keep your programs up to date just go back to the location where you saved the Installer and run it again we will then update those programs

Random Useful Websites :


Most Useful Websites 2019

If you shop on Amazon camel camel camel is a tracker that monitors the price of millions of
products on the shopping site it's still useful to determine the right time to buy especially when
shopping for computer parts in the search bar you can enter keywords to find your product or the URL from the Amazon product page you will now have the opportunity to create a price alert
with your desired price if you scroll down you can check the price history chart and history


Most Useful Websites 2019

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that answers factual queries by computing the answers from externally sourced curated data in other words the founder refers to it as a fact
search engine instead of pointing you to other web pages like the typical search the engine it returns answers instead to find out the other types of queries you can do with Wolfram Alpha select the
categories listed and it will show you various examples when simply just looking for answers
Wolfram Alpha is the source I go to first


Most Useful Websites 2019

For those of you yelling at your screen right now why didn't they include YouTube this one's for you while there is a large amount of totally worthless content and channels that lower the overall intelligence quotient on the service, you can learn something as simple as boiling an egg there's
tutorials that will help you fix your car and you can even learn how to build a house