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10 Best TV Shows to Watch After Stranger Things 2019

So you've just finished season three of stranger things on Netflix and now you're looking for  something new to watch well you're in luck, coming up I'll show you 10 TV shows in the science
fiction and horror genres that are worthy of your time while you wait impatiently for the next season of  stranger things let's get started

web series like stranger things

Web Series like Stranger Things :

10. Wayward Pines :

web series like stranger things

Wayward Pines seems like a good place to start if you're a fan of the Duffer brothers prior to creating stranger things they were once writers for the series Wayward Pines as an M night Shyamalan produced supernatural mystery which appeared on the Fox Network for two seasons in 2015 and 2016 it stars Matt Dillon along with Terrence Howard and Juliette Lewis Dillon plays Ethan Burke a Secret Service agent investigating the disappearance of two fellow agents in a small town in Idaho
upon entering the town Ethan soon discovers that he is unable to leave and contact people living outside of the town when watching the first season of Wayward Pines you will notice many similarities between this show and stranger things both seasons of wayward Pines are available to watch right now on Hulu

9. Dark :

web series like stranger things

Dark is a Netflix original German science-fiction thriller that is often compared with stranger things for obvious reasons premiering in 2017 dark tells the story of children disappearing from a
fictional town in Germany it also explores the dark past spanning four generations of four families living. there there is time travel and alternate timelines which help to unlock the mysteries involving the town and its missing children there are now two seasons of dark to watch on Netflix and has been renewed for a third which will be its final season up next is the

8. Channel Zero :

web series like stranger things

Supernatural horror anthology series channel zero it aired for a total of four seasons from 2016 through 2018 on the Sci-fi network with each season being a self-contained story the series brings
to life creepypastas which are user-generated stories from the internet intended to scare readers the first season is about a creepy children's TV series and missing children the second season a bizarre house of horrors tourist attraction the third deals with the city haunted by strange disappearances and the fourth season is about a mysterious door in a basement all four seasons of channel zero are
available on shudder which is a streaming service dedicated to horror

7. The Order :

web series like stranger things

It is a supernatural horror drama which premiered in 2019 this Netflix original is about a college
student who is on a mission to avenge his mother's death he joins up with the secret society known as the Hermetic Order of the blue rose which lands him in a war between werewolves and the practitioners of dark magic along the way he also unearthed dark secrets about his own family
receiving positive reviews from both fans and critics Netflix has renewed the order for a second season

6. Outcast :

web series like stranger things

Outcast is a supernatural horror drama based on the comics of the same name by Robert Kirkman
who also created The Walking Dead it was broadcast on Cinemax for a total of two seasons the first season premiered in 2016 with the second and final season premiering in 2018 the stories about a man named Kyle Barnes who is haunted by demonic possessions all around him in the town of realm West Virginia Kyle joins up with the priest named Reverend Anderson who believes that he's fighting
a holy war against the evil forces of Earth both seasons of outcasts are available on the Cinemax Mexico streaming service

Best Netflix Series after Stranger Things :

5. The OA :

web series like stranger things

The OA is a mystery drama with elements of sci-fi supernatural and fantasy all mixed in this Netflix
originals first season premiered in 2017 with its long-awaited second season being released in 2019 it stars Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson who resurfaces to her family in Michigan seven years after she mysteriously disappeared prior to vanishing she was blind and after returning she can now see and has paranormal powers while  The OA is a truly engaging and bizarre show a truly found that the moments when the characters are doing their so-called movements to absolutely cringe-worthy
other than that boa is full of compelling performances from the entire cast there's been no word yet from Netflix if The OA will be returning for a third season

4. Supernatural :

web series like stranger things

If you enjoy monster-hunting supernatural is the show for you this long-running dark fantasy drama on the CW network first premiered way back in 2005 and has been broadcast for 14 seasons the series follows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester after the death of their mother to an evil supernatural force they were raised by their father as soldiers who tracked down horrific and demonic creatures with 307 episodes available throughout its 14 seasons Supernatural should keep you busy until the next season of stranger things supernatural is available to stream on Netflix and has been renewed by the CW for a 15th and final season which will premiere in October of 2019

New Netflix Series like Stranger Things :

3. American Horror Story :

web series like stranger things

Another show that's been around for a while is the anthology horror series American Horror Story which so far has been broadcast  for 8 seasons on the FX network each season is a self-contained miniseries that follows a different set of characters storylines and locations including an insane asylum a house of the murderers past a freak show a witch coven a hotel a possessed farmhouse
along with topics dealing with the apocalypse and a cult here's an interesting coincidence the newest
installment of American Horror Story coming in September is titled 1984 which so happens to be the same year as the setting for stranger things season 3 American Horror Story is available to stream on both Hulu and prime video

2. The Expanse :

web series like stranger things

The Expanse is a science fiction drama which has been broadcast for three seasons on the Sci-fi network the series follows a group of anti-heroes hundreds of years in the future where humans have
colonized the solar system with rising tensions between Earth and Mars the group works to uncover a conspiracy that threatens humanity without giving away any spoilers there's a storyline introduced in season 2 of the expanse that should feel familiar to fans of stranger things if you haven't watched
the expanse yet it's a fantastic show that gets better with each season in 2018 it was canceled by the Sci-fi network after three seasons it was quickly picked up for a fourth season by Amazon Prime video the release date is expected before the end of 2019 if you want to get caught up the first three
seasons of the expanse are available right now on prime video

1. Slasher :

web series like stranger things

Slasher an anthology horror series on Netflix which premiered in 2016 all three seasons employ new cast featuring a different serial killer and a storyline that gets resolved upon each seasons conclusion the creator of the show has acknowledged that he gained inspiration for the show's format from
American Horror Story if you've watched horror movies from the 1980s slasher is very similar to horrific murder scenes but a lot of cheesy moments mixed in if you watch stranger things for the horror suspense and the occasional scares slasher just may be the show for you season 3 was released in May of 2019 and there's been no word yet from Netflix its slasher will be coming back for a fourth season

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