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which zodiac sign is the best? - 5 Lucky Signs, 3 Unlucky Signs

5 Lucky Zodiac Signs, And 3 That Aren't So Lucky

which zodiac sign is the best
which zodiac sign is the best

Fortune often favors people born under these zodiac signs in this article we will talk about the lucky signs of the zodiac before we start we would like to tell you that this is just a speculation based on the Sun signs. A lot of human personalities depend on your moon and rising sign which we won't be discussing in this Article.

which zodiac sign is the best?

Zodiac Sign for September

1. Virgo 

which zodiac sign is the best

Virgos are hardworking people who like to work on one project at a time while this helps them achieve their goals they are also quite lucky in a world of seven billion people only if you make their
dreams come true Virgos are more likely to reach them than others if you give Virgo a lottery ticket they would end up winning it this is how lucky the zodiac sign is without realizing it in many
branches of astrology it's believed that a person's luck depends on the planet that Virgo is, in general, some astrologers believe that people born under the Sun or Jupiter sign of Virgo may be luckier than other people experts often relate Virgo to Lady Luck, as a result, this is believed to be one of the
most fortunate zodiac signs while the association with mercury and great communication skills often help Virgo in life, the luck factor still plays a major role.

Zodiac Sign for October

2. Libra 

which zodiac sign is the best

When you think about Libra the first thing that may come to mind is the image of a logical person that is true Libras are both logical and analytical this is why they are often at the top of their fields while many Libras are late starters they end up reaching the top position of whatever field they choose for themselves so why is Libra on this list well according to astrologers this is one of the luckiest zodiac signs many astrologers have cited the Venus influence in their luck venus is the planet associated with love sex partnerships and money luck so needless to say Libras may get their fair share of good luck from their ruling planet with Venus ruling them Libras often find themselves bouncing back from tough scenarios even when the chips are down libras make an epic comeback this is the effect of Venus in the Libra zodiac sign they are also great diplomats, as a result, this zodiac sign often has very few enemies their social nature enables them to blend into any group and they end up in everyone's good books.

Zodiac Sign for May

3. Taurus

which zodiac sign is the best

The Venus-ruled Taurus is also another zodiac sign that deserves to be on the list while tourists are very determined and strong-willed luck plays an important role in this zodiac science development while they may get a bad reputation for their stubborn nature Taurus is generally loved by everyone
the Venus effect can be seen in abundance as this zodiac sign is drawn to things that are beautiful and
organized yes being organized is a big deal for them Taurus can be a little meticulous at times for any other zodiac it could have been disastrous as others around them may have not have been as kind not for tourists though they find their way out of problems this shouldn't be a surprise as it's just one of the perks of being ruled by Venus tourists often have a black-and-white outlook towards the life they don't give up perhaps it's true what the old-timers say fortune does smile on the bold.

4. Sagittarius 

which zodiac sign is the best

Alright, let's get this straight there is no one as bold as a Sagittarius. This sign is the zodiac equivalent of the daredevil or the Black Canary on top of that they are backed by Jupiter the planet that rules, look , chilled, spirituality and learning this is why astrologers believe that this sign is one of the luckiest ones out there when you think about it but the amount of risk Sajit areas takes it shouldn't be a surprise they are lucky enough to come out of it without much injury Sagittarius are known for being adrenaline junkies these are the kind of people who would skydive just for the heck of it when someone is like that a little bit of luck is required to help them cope with life maybe we should thank Jupiter for making them lucky after all we wouldn't want to lose our Sagittarius friends as crazy as
they might sound Sagittarius are very nice and friendly people, oh and if you're going on a trip never forget to take tips from your Sagittarius friends because chances are they have already been there.

Zodiac Sign for February

5. Aquarius

which zodiac sign is the best

When you're someone who dances to the beat of your own drum, you have to be lucky this zodiac sign is ruled by Uranus and Saturn while Saturn is all about possession law and authority Uranus rules influence authenticity and luck this is why astrologers believe that Aquarius is a lucky zodiac sign this zodiac sign has its own ideas which may seem odd to others at first they often end up getting the respect they deserve at the end of their lives Aquarius is a zodiac sign that is always on the outlook for something new while it's known for its quirkiness and eccentricity Aquarius is also gifted with a lot of intellect, as a result, this zodiac sign manages to navigate through tough times with little to no worry another interesting thing about the zodiac sign, it's co-ruler Saturn rules another zodiac sign which isn't as lucky.

Hmm, when we put it this way it would be unfair if we don't mention a few unlucky zodiac signs

Zodiac Sign for December

6. Capricorn

which zodiac sign is the best

If a zodiac sign could be given a gold medal for being unlucky then it would be Capricorn while Capricorns are down to earth and consider any opportunity that comes their way as a blessing it's often not the case this zodiac sign has to work twice as hard to earn respect when respect comes it is often hard-earned and much later in their life if you look at history, you would find many Capricornia who were on the short end of the stick at the beginning of their careers this includes Martin Luther King jr., Jim Carrey and Janis Joplin success for all these people came much later in their life in Janis Joplin's case it was so late that she wasn't even alive to see it as she died at the age of just 27 .whoa that's pretty depressing, isn't it?

Zodiac Sign for November

7. Scorpio

which zodiac sign is the best

Yes we know they are successful but they have had to work twice as hard to achieve that success
Scorpios are often misunderstood and mistreated throughout the early parts of their lives while people may or may not acknowledge their talents Scorpios often end up being alone being ruled by the
turbulent planet Mars doesn't help their cause either while Bill Gates may be an exception many Scorpios don't even get to enjoy their own success one example of such a Scorpio is John Keats a struggling poet who never got his due respect during his life he became famous after his death what's
worse he died at the age of 25 John Keats life is probably a prime example of an unlucky Scorpio hmm. perhaps it is their bad luck that turned Scorpios to the dark side.

Zodiac Sign for April

 8. Aries

which zodiac sign is the best

 If you ask an Aries they may disagree and say that they consider themselves lucky that's unlikely to be true you see because they're headstrong an impulsive nature Aries people can land in too many
people's bad books unlike Libra and Taurus, they don't quite have the charm, as a result, they end up
in trouble and it's hard for them to get out of it the one part of life where they shine is their charisma these folks are born to create something new unfortunately it takes a while for others to see this trait within them as a result by the time they get their due respect it is often too late Aries people work very hard to achieve their dreams but success don't come easy for them a good example of such an
areas are Vincent van Gogh while his paintings are considered masterpieces in modern day he's one of those people who didn't live long enough to see himself become a legend therein lies the tragedy of Aries zodiac sign that believes in the present what happens when all the positivity and optimism is taken out of an Aries? they fight and while they eventually win they don't always live long enough to celebrate their victory.